Hacienda del Amor Hermoso estate is an area of 150 hectares under olive cultivation and environmental recovery. It is located at Peñas Blancas, 30 km from the Mediterranean coast and 500 m above sea level. Its soil is formed by the accumulation of torrential floods.

The climate of the area is hot and dry. As its main features we can highlight its clear and bright sky; its warm summers and mild winters; the low rainfall of less than 250 mm per year; and the highest annual sunshine in Europe, which leads to unique conditions for olive cultivation and oil production.

We combine traditional crop techniques with the latest developments in milling, obtaining a quality extra virgin oil, natural juice of the olive obtained by cold pressing. Bottled after the selection of the finest lots of our crop, providing a product of exquisite organoleptic properties, which constitutes the real axis on which the Mediterranean culinary culture works.