Red meats, sausages, boiled vegetables, cooking rice, paellas and stews. Snacks with serrano ham. Pork and octopus. Mature cheese, white shrimps in garlic sauce and dishes containing garlic. Perfect to combine with anchovies. Grilled foods, salads made with bitter leaves (spinach, endive, arugula or rocket, etc.). They are also ideal for frying.

Fish, seafood, fresh salads, vegetables, marinade, soft cheeses, homemade mayonnaise and baked goods, etc. It is used to tone down strong cured cheeses (such as blue, Manchego, sheep, etc.). Also used for preparation of cakes and desserts.

Don´t forget that there are no fixed rules in the world of gastronomic combination. Experiment with different varieties of olive oils and discover your favorite pairings.

Always keep in mind the basic principle of food pairing with EVOO: “the taste of olive oil should enhance and highlight the flavor of the other ingredients, not lessen nor prevail over these ingredients”